A resource to enhance students' workplace learning through the use of mobile technology


Making Informed New Decision

Appropriate Places
Mobile technology can be used anywhere, wherever you are located. However, you might not be able to use all functions in all places. For example, you might not be able to take photographs of patient...

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Stay Connected

You do not practise in isolation, no matter what your professional field is. You require to communicate, relate to and report to others. Networking online can bring you together with many different...

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Integrating Theory and Practice

By yourself: To think deeply about your learning experiences on placement can be done by using mobile technology. You can reflect by yourself, for example, write an online reflective diary, keep an...

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Keeping Safe on Placement

Privacy, confidentiality, policy & ethics
By being on placement you have entered the professional world. You need to be aware of the boundaries between: formal vs informal public vs private home vs placement real vs virtual anonymous vs id...

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Stay Well & Sane

Personal Support
When you require support for your special needs contact your university’s support services. There are Student Counsellor, Disability Support Officer or Welfare Officer. Student Counselling services...

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Being Part of the Group

Learning With Others
Some of the people you might want to connect with while on placement include lecturers, university professional staff (e.g. counsellor), people in the workplace, peers (students), family and friend...

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