Before placement

Mobile technology can be used any time, across time or at the same time and when in movement. Although mobile technology enables instant contact, it also depends on convenience and availability of the person(s) at the other end.

Before you go on placement:

  • Find out about connectivity on placement, including fire walls.
  • Think about what mobile device you can use on placement.
  • Consider how much you can carry on placement.
  • Assess appropriateness  and readiness of use of mobile devices.
  • Identify and communicate expectations about availability online (for example have you asked your lecturer whether you can communicate with her/him while on placement? Have you clarified expectations and objectives?).

Let your personal support network know that you are going on placement, you might need to ask for support.

Did you inform your friends and family that your communication may be restricted while you are on placement?

'Professional’ and ‘Educational’ sections of GPS for WPL’s FAQ.

Check out who of your peers at university is going on placement at the same time and organise to support each other through a shared online communication channel.

Use your phone or tablet to record a video your learning goals for your placement experience, and what you think you will learn. You can ten go back to during and/or after placement for deeper reflection.