Digital presence

Everybody who uses the web has a digital or online presence whether intended or not. Managing your social media accounts and online identity is important for your future career.

You need to carefully consider what type of information you share about yourselves on social networking sites. Professional profiles can create using online platforms, such as LinkedIn. In a LinkedIn profile you can also describe projects or roles in more detail, write blog posts about your work or learning, record your formal and informal educational activities, and receive endorsements and commendations from those you have worked with

Think about the social media footprint and pitfalls and check out how you can protect yourself online.

Do you know how to control what is seen or not seen about you in your social media accounts? If a prospective employer searcher for you online, would the information and images on the sites they find you on represent your skills and experience, your professional aspirations? On scanning the information they find, would they be more or less likely to want to employ you?

Fundamentals of Social Media Support for Learning

How Not to Get Fired from Your Healthcare Job due to Social Media

Using Social Media in Your Health Care Career

Software is being developed to allow employers to trawl through your social media

Read some of the following examples of social media policies:

Search the internet for your name. What do you find? Is the information professional, accurate, relevant, up to date?