You do not practise in isolation, no matter what your professional field is. You require to communicate, relate to and report to others. Networking online can bring you together with many different people (students, academics or professionals) that can be on your placement or not. So, networking can lead to collaborating, sharing and communicating.

By networking you are building your own communities and support networks. Being part of communities whether they are learning or professional communities, will help you expand the social dimension of learning. Online networking is defined by you and your device.

Would you share information and connect with people from your personal network in the same way than people from your learning or professional networks?

7 steps to using social media to connect with and learn from people in your discipline

A five-part guide to using Twitter: From finding your way around to using Twitter as a talking business card, via the how to start tweeting, the 12 rules of tweeting and growing your network.