Workplace Learning Resources

Student Guides

My Future: What is work experience all about

NSW Department of Education and Community, Student Guide to Workplace Learning, 2012

Victoria Department of Education and Training: Workplace Learning Toolkit

Rights & Safety

Australian Human Rights Commission

Young people in the workplace

Young people case studies: Resolving your complaints

Harsh realities 2: workplace case studies

Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Workplace Skills & Career Planning

Our Future: What will young people need for the future (YouTube video)

Employee etiquette

Eight Causes of Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution

Group Training Australia

My Future

The Story of Stuff

Your career guide

Positive Qualities

Motivation in the Workplace

Worst Jobs for the 21st Century

Australian Human Rights Commission: Cultural diversity in the workplace

Job Satisfaction? Go With the Flow

Reflective learning at work

Universities course specific guides

Charles Sturt University
CSU's WPL policy

CSU's WPL policy for students with a disability

CSU Faculty of Education, Professional Experience Unit: Professional Experience Guidelines and Procedures and placement tips

The University of Sydney
USyd's Health Sciences Work Integrated Learning

USyd Professional experiences in education: MyPrac

USyd Professional experiences in education: Placement registration information

USyd Professional experiences in education: Professional Experiences online handbook

USyd Professional experiences in education: Education Internships online handbook

USyd Nursing School: Local Provisions for Professional Experience Placements also known as the SNS Clinical Policy

Western Sydney University
Western Sydney University school of Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Placement FAQ

Western Sydney University School of Education Professional Experience Placement

Educator Guides

NCVER: What makes for good Workplace Learning?

Commonwealth of Australia, Student Work Placement: A Health and Safety Guide for Educators and Employers

Australian Human Rights Commission: Cultural diversity in the workplace

Work Happy Now!

Business Owner’s Took Kit: What’s In a Job Description

Charles Sturt University’s The Education For Practice Institute: WPL modules

Charles Sturt University’s WPL policy