One of the key advantages of mobile technology is that it enables you to stay connected and to communicate with others. Mobile technology can be used any time, across time, at the same time and/or when on the move. It can be used whenever you want or need it to help you learn.

Communicate via mobile technology on placement to interact, discuss, share, comment, ask questions, seek guidance and mentoring.

You can do that with:

  • other people, such as other students on placements
  • the university network,
  • professionals on your placement, and
  • your personal social network

There are many different options and avenues to communicate with others so it is a good idea to clarify which online communication tools and platforms you can and should use and with whom. Although mobile technology enables instant contact, it also depends on convenience and availability of the person(s) at the other end.

Just remember that communicating via email or in a discussion forum is very different from speaking to someone in a face-to-face environment or on Skype. In this context, you can only rely on words, and not on body language, to put your point across, ask a question, etc.

Also, remember that when communicating with other people you need to be aware of your own culture and be sensitive to the cultures of others.

Do you know about Internet conventions called netiquette?

Communicating in a culturally appropriate way.