By yourself: To think deeply about your learning experiences on placement can be done by using mobile technology. You can reflect by yourself, for example, write an online reflective diary, keep an electronic log book, record your thoughts by thinking aloud, take photographs etc.

Review the notes you took during the day as you went about your practice. Look for points that need clarifying or things you might like to change in the future.

When writing notes or your reflections, don’t forget to reference the source of any additional information you include.

With others: Consider taking advantage of mobile technology by connecting with others to reflect collectively. You can reflect with peers, mentors, professionals etc.

Regular documenting and reflecting on your placement learning can be an important aspect of the learning process. It may, under special circumstances, be appropriate to share your learning in a public blog - if you have the permission of both your university teacher and placement supervisor, and of course, anyone who is the subject of your reflection. However there are laws governing information privacy and ethical practice in clinical and other environments that you should be aware of. In addition, your university will have privacy and confidentiality requirements during and after your placement.

You may have access to your own blog in your university’s Learning Management System. This is a useful option as your teachers can view your blog, but it is not publicly accessible. However be aware that if you reveal identity or personal information without permission, you are breaching confidentiality.

Thinking about the different aspects of your placement experience, consider who, of your peers, mentors, placement supervisor, other professionals, friends, would be the most appropriate to reflect with about each aspect?

Mind Maps: A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking (and reflecting).